China Wu Yi on Friday launched a three-day shopping festival held during the China Trade Week Kenya underway in Nairobi.

The Chinese Construction company launched the inaugural shopping festival on the outskirts of Kenyan capital, Nairobi, to showcase its signature products like construction materials and home furnishings to local consumers.

Since 2017, the company has been working on the construction supermarket in Athi River dubbed Colloho mall, which was unveiled earlier this year. This was the scene of the shopping festival.

“We would like to see more Chinese companies invest in the manufacture of building materials to help realize the affordable housing agenda,” said Ikiara, managing director of the Kenya Investment Authority.

“The next decade is likely to experience huge demand for construction materials and we are encouraged by China Wu Yi for setting the pace in this arena,” he added.

The festival was intended to showcase high-quality construction materials as well as furniture and sanitary equipment.

“This is the first professional exhibition of home furnishing and building materials in Kenya that will open the door for better exchanges between Chinese companies and local clients,” said Zhang, chairman of China Wu Yi Precast (Kenya) Company Limited.