Land (Amendment) Act, 2019

Ruiru constituency Member of Parliament has formulated an amendment to the Land Act seeking to provide for the registration of public land.

The Land (Amendment) Act, 2019 seeks to amend the Land Act No. 6 of 2012 to allow for land allocated for public purposes by NLC, land buying companies or other persons, to be registered in the name of those public institutions to which the land is allocated.

The bill states that the Registrar of Lands under the Land Registration Act, 2012 shall issue a certificate of title in the name of the public body, public institution or the relevant ministry as the case may be.

Presently, public land and land set aside for a public purpose by land buying companies continue to be grabbed by private persons primarily because there exist no certificates of title issued in respect to such land.

In addition, the bill provides that allocation of public land shall not proceed before planning, survey and servicing of the land to be allocated. The bill also prohibits the selling, disposing off, sub-leasing and subdivision such land unless it is developed for the purpose for which it was allocated

The National Land Commission is responsible for the allocation of public land.

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