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Indoor plants are a perfect way to keep the connection with nature alive especially in today’s work filled urban life where oftentimes our schedules afford us not the time to visit the park or the countryside. In tending indoor plants, many have found miniature ways of appreciating the beauty of vegetation. Below is a list of five known plants to start with or to include in your collection.

  1. African Violets

African violets are easily the go to plants for interior purposes. They come in a variety of shapes and colours including blue, yellow, pink, white and mixed. In addition, they are easy to propagate and care for. African violets easily lend their beauty to the indoor environment because of a simple feature in their make up; they cannot tolerate cold environments. Furthermore, they flower throughout the year which is the crowning mark of their elegance.










2. Orchids

This intriguing natural flowery compatriots have been the subject of human intrigue and awe for ages. Orchids are best famed for their outdoor decorative qualities but they are no less an indoor spectacle. Even though they are harder to grow indoors in certain environments, conditioning and care can make them your indoor companion.











3. Spider plant

The spider plant is another African beauty worth having. And just like African violets, they are easy to care for, have good tolerance for room conditions and are easy to propagate. They appear in narrow, slightly long leaves with a trademark creamy stripe which runs right in the middle from the base to the tip. These fanciable plants offer more benefits than ornamental suitability. They are believed to have anti-oxidants as well as the ability to absorb carbon monoxide which is a toxic gas.










4. Dracaena

These actually tend to resemble spider plants, but no, they’re quite the opposite with the green part of the leaf in the middle while the stripes are found towards the edges in either thin or thick proportions. They are cool in appearance and attractive. This plant grows indoors easily, not giving much attention to sunlight and can reach a height of up to 12 feet. They are said to emit high oxygen contents and have air purification properties.

5. African Spear Plant

They are cylindrical and resemble snake plants to a large extent. These amazing plants, also known as Elephant’s tooth pick, grow well in shaded areas under natural environments reaching leaf lengths of up to one metre. This gives them the light tolerance they possess in indoor areas. They also offer resilience and durability because they are essentially drought plants which means not many watering incidences will be required.  In addition, they respond well to acclimatization. With pointed tips, the point here is their sense of abandoned elegance.




















Whether you are looking for a natural companion or to import some greenery into your home/office, indoor plants are an extension of nature.