The government’s prospects of realizing its big four housing projections are in doubt after it emerged that so far only 228 units have been completed.

With just about two and a half years left to 2022, progress towards completion of the project appears more distant. The government had set out to deliver the promised 500,000 housing units within five years.

The project’s implementation is listed under the state department of housing and urban development in the ministry of transport and infrastructure.

The Park roads project which is the flagship project was responsible for the 228 units so far completed. In December last year, the state department of housing revealed that 17,000 Kenyans had already made voluntary contributions to the affordable housing fund, implying that demand is set to outrun supply under current delivery rates.

The 228 units are part of 1,370 units that commissioned for constructed as part of Ngara’s Park Road Project in the 2018/2019 financial year according to the National Treasury.

According to the Standard, the National Treasury has cited the lack of funds, litigation by bidders and limited access to ready land among other constraints in the implementation of projects.

“The slow implementation of capital projects occasioned by local contractor’s capacity inadequacy has gradually culminated in project delays, cost overruns and possible legal and contract challenges arising from arbitration and contractual issues impacting on project implementation,” said Treasury.

Availability of land has been a major setback in the implementation of public infrastructure projects both in the past and presently.

“Acquisition of sites, wayleaves and the escalating cost of land acquisition due to speculations, compensation variations between the market value and the local owner’s expectations and encroachment of land earmarked for development purpose caused project delays and increased costs of projects,” said Treasury.

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