Machakos hotels

A hotel developer is set to put up an 11-storey hotel in Machakos town. The hotel project owned by Maanzoni Capitol Hotel Ltd will have capacity of 300 beds, parking area, swimming facilities and other hotel services.

The facility is designed to cover an area of about 15,000sqm and will sit on a 6.5 Acre site within the town precincts.

Design of the hotel follows a classical traditional concept with modern interiors. The building will be symmetrical and eight stories above ground with the design taking advantage of the existing sloping site conditions.

Facilities in the development include 300 guest rooms, parking for at least 125 vehicles, a gate house, laundry, swimming pool, solar water heating and lighting, sauna and steam.

The facility’a components include the 11-storey hotel, a gate house complete with external works including ICT, electrical and mechanical engineering installations. The hotel has two basements, a ground floor, 2 above-ground floors, 4 typical hotel room floors, seventh floor, and eighth floor housing two suites.

In addition to its main accommodation business, the hotel will also run related bar and restaurant joints, conference and meeting facilities with space totaling to 1,500sqm.

Machakos town has a thriving hotel and restaurant sector since it is the headquarters of the country government. Some of the top hotels include Gelian Hotel, Lysak Haven Park, Shanbad House, Kyaka Hotel and T-Tot among others.

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