Kenya Construction Costs

The construction industry represents 6 per cent of global GDP according to the International Construction Market Survey for 2017. However, productivity growth in the...

Apartments set to bring in higher Returns in 2018

According to a DataFintech analysis of online real estate listings, apartments have seen a slight increase in the total asking price, while houses and...


Uganda Construction Costs highest in East Africa, report

The Ugandan economy is about USD 27.6 billion in GDP as of 2017. The country’s real estate sector has in recent times drawn a...

Tanzania Construction Costs

Tanzania is the second largest economy in East Africa, with a population of over 5 million people and economic growth of 6.8% on GDP...

Great Expectations for 2018 Real Estate

Building momentum uphill is a tough ride and keeping it is another ball game, more so in markets. The bulls know it only too...

Can REITs solve the affordable housing challenge in Africa?

African countries have been long in the gutters of the affordable housing crisis. Among other solutions have been the attempts by governments to provide...

African Countries to Benefit from IFC Housing Platform

Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria and other African countries are set to benefit from a $300 million investment platform coordinated by the International Finance Corporation and...

Tackling the Affordable Housing Challenge

The World Bank Group estimates that by 2030, three billion people, or 40 percent of the world’s population will need new housing units. A...
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Is Your House Solar Ready

Getting the Floor Right

I have seen many floors tiled, you have too. Some done to a subtle artistic finishing that tells the well-intended story, others to average...

Why Wall Tiles are Preferable to Wall Paint

Perhaps this festive season or the coming year will be the time to give your walls an overhaul. Most people consider painting as the...

A Change in Your Living Room

Apart from the office or work, the place most people spend their time is in their living rooms, whichever the form or size. In...

Why You May Need a Minimalist Office Space

The greatest obstacle to critical thinking is information overload yet critical thinking is among one of the most sought after skills in the rapidly...